Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloomberg formula stick and no carrot for the breast

The current Mayor of New York is still called Bloomsberg.  Possibly trying to build on that wave of popularity that the Zero Tolerance to crime that the Italian Mayor had, Bloomberg is rolling out Zero Tolerance full stop.

It's amazing what a Trust Fund can inspire you to do, it's the same Bloomberg as the news agency.  New York vote him back in but I would not say anything cynical about funding and American politics.  Beyond me.

He wants to discourage breastfeeding so is coming in with a Zero Tolerance thing on that.  Think stick and no carrot.

Having lived in a country that has turned around its breastfeeding rates since the Second World War.  Having breastfed my oldest for 2 years.  Plus  did some Argh if you are not used to it Tandem feeding . And only known my second was alive after his home birth  by watching him latch on, oh so naturally, as he came out rather puce and there was no midwife in the room.   Any blokes without a beard have switched sites by now... Having done stuff then I have a pretty well informed view.

Bloomberg is dictating what women with newborns babies should do.

He is not banning formula just making it more darn awkward to get hold of.

Is he doing anything to encourage women to breastfeed? Christ No.

Sweden has breastfeeding rates of over 90% for 6 months.  Exclusively.  The UK struggles to hit 60%. 

In Sweden, you are not allowed to leave the patient hotel unless your feeding is established by Day 3. And they help you.  If you happened to be not be able to join in, despite lots of support: You can still buy formula at the 7/11 etc.  The fact that the array of brands on choice was limited, would indicate to me that there was not much of a market.

First time Mums are jumpy enough.  Could you not support them to be good Mums?

Or just let them be...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

What shall we do with the fattie sailor?

While the seating issue has superceded the Olympic Opening Ceremony issue and moved attention on from the MuccieD etc issue (I don't think the price of beer bit issue has peaked but as the weather is not too great coming up, they should be fine), I rather liked this editorial from The Lancet, the Doctors' House Magazine, no idea how many read it and how many think they should read it but it sounds a weighty enough tome to me.  It's sort of behind a pay wall but if you register for free you can access stuff like I have:

With two-thirds of the national adult population and more than a third of children and adolescents defined as overweight or obese, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been under mounting pressure to approve new weight-loss drugs. On July 17, the second new anti-obesity pill,extended-release phentermine and topiramate, received market approval on the heels of lorcaserin (approved on June27). It has been 13 years since the last approval of long-term weight-loss drug orlistat. Safety concerns or lack of efficacy have doomed past applications.The American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery applauded the FDA's approval of the new drug sand claimed that the tide was turning in the efforts to address the US obesity epidemic. But will these new drugs really make a substantial dent in the burden of obesity in the USA?
As Boyd Swinburn and colleagues emphasised in The Lancet's obesity Series, obesity is not simply the result of individual choice, but a response to an obesogenic environment that promotes weight gain. Consequently, the key to obesity control requires policy interventions—responsibilities mainly shouldered by government, to minimise the environmental drivers such as poor dietary intake and physical inactivity, rather than individually focused interventions.

There is no wonder drug for obesity. In clinical trials, both of the newly approved drugs are used in combination with healthy diet and lifestyle interventions. Furthermore, both have serious risks. For instance, topiramate is associated with increased risk of development of oral clefts (cleft lip and/or cleft palate) in infants born to women treated with it during pregnancy. And there have been concerns that lorcaserin might cause tumours and heart-valve defects. Indeed,long-term cardiovascular morbidity and mortality risks remain unknown, so the FDA requires post-marketing studies for both drugs to assess major adverse cardiac events. Patients with obesity must be well counselled about the risks and benefits of such pharmacotherapy. Whatever the balance of risks and benefits in individual patients, drugs are not the answer for a socially driven problem.
So what will happen with obesity, real or imagined?  The Tobacco Control Industry are rolling out their, Kerching, plan for alcohol and obesity I wonder where they are going to get their inspirational corporate funding from?  ASH etc have enjoyed Pfizer et al looking for their subsidised NRT markets, the extolling of Chantix (scary, scary, scary mind altering drug that may get you off nicotine but will probably make the most of any AHHD wibbles in your personality that you were not previously aware of).  Nicorette used to be only allowed for 12 weeks but now you can take it ad infinitum they would have us believe. The pregnancy studies are incomplete I believe.

But obesity is still looking for a saviour.  Does anyone know anyone who had a joyful journey with Alli (orlistat as mentioned above) that you can buy at Boots?

As I remember from The Lancet obesity issue, no government has successfully implemented a policy on obesity and, from this editorial, no drug firm has got a roll out drug to solve the 'Obesogenic' environment (a new one, even on me).

BTW, don't worry Chantix is going to be the new 'cure' for alcoholism.

Did anyone wonder why Fitness First and David Lloyd are not sponsoring the Olympics?

Just starting to contemplate Alli

The amount of fat calories blocked will depend on how much fat you eat, but most patients block 100 to 200 calories per day
Considering it takes about 750 calories to lose/create a pound of fat, I think users of it will lose more weight washing their pants.  Yuk.

Friday, 20 July 2012

If you are going to put where the sun don't shine, have a plan

A little intro. Anyone who has hovered around the UK is familiar with Marmite, salty, yeasty, you put in on toast.  Thinly.  You love or hate Marmite.  If you end up as an ex-pat, you take jars with you and visiting friends have to top up your supply.  In the UK, you watch with bemusement as you try and sell its virtues to hapless visiting tourists who sniff it and roll their noses.

And we think of this as some British phenomenon that is part of eccentric world of being a Brit.  The majority of whom only speak English.

Actually other countries have their equivalent of Marmite (and I am not talking variation on a theme Vegemite).  In Sweden there is Kalles Kaviar
Yep, this is sold in tubes. Caviar of a sort but not Beluga.  This is a fish egg concoction, a translucent pink, like the skin hue of your friend that never tans but just goes lobster.  It is grainy and fishy.  Like a whiff you may get by a dockside and be grateful when it passes.  Gagging for a taste yet? IKEA used to stock it, (not sure if they still do) so chances are you have walked past it sometime. 

As someone likes anchovies, olives, Marmite and other Umami tastes I can rather see the attraction.  The best serving example is something like a pitta bread, thin spread of Kalles and a cold fried egg.  Wrap in tin foil and consume as a late breakfast while you catch up with friends with your flask of strong coffee.  A very civilised way of declaring your views on Costa.

The point to the preamble is that other nationalities do things we can't understand but it sort of works.  You may like Marmite but you would probably have to be at your most open minded to go for Kallas on toast as an acceptable alternative.

So in Sweden they have little tea bags containing a tobacco product, snus, that you pop under you lip for a different way of getting your nicotine.  They are bitter, but you are not chewing, and then you are aware there is a mild stimulant around.  And here's what you don't do with it:
Case report. We report a case of self-administration of 75 sachets of moist snuff rectally in a previously healthy, 42-year-old man. He presented with symptoms of nausea, discomfort, and dizziness. He had dry and warm skin, a pulse rate of 53 bpm, a mean arterial blood pressure of 135 mmHg and fluctuations in consciousness. The patient was treated with mechanical ventilation because of respiratory insufficiency. No specific anti-nicotinergic treatment was given. Plasma levels of the nicotine metabolite cotinine were 8,691 μg/L 7 h after admittance and 9,814 μg/L after 12 h. Levels of cotinine in the urine were above >50,000 μg/L. The patient developed a mild pneumonia, but he was uneventfully extubated after 12 h of mechanical ventilation. All physiological parameters were restored and he was discharged from hospital after 36 h. Conclusion. Excessive rectal administration of moist snuff may be life threatening. Patients may require intensive care. Long-term sequelae were not seen in this case
No, I have no idea why or how but 75 sachets is 3 tins.  A sachet would prob last half an hour under, ahem, normal usage.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The pregant Yahoo boss bee in bonnet

I really have a problem with this one about the new head of Yahoo who got employed.  And then annouced she was pregnant,afterwards. Sort of brave but, in my case, with 3 kids under, and now over my belt, I don't think this is what I want of a Brave New World

I know it's the States and you get 2 weeks of giddy holiday a year as oppose to the 4/5 you may get in the UK  (Socialists).You don't expect maternity leave unless you want out of the (male) game.

However, the victory that the article makes about employing a pregnant female is rather lost on me as best place for a baby is on their mother's tummy, making eye contact- when they can.  And just being loved and cuddled. See Mumsnet for the poo and tired bit.

How she handles it, publicly, will mean something. "My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it," Mayer said in announcing the news. And that, too, will mean something. 
If we are going to have an equalist world, economist hat on,  having time for other projects should be part of it. I am thinking babies for girls and can only think of Harley Davidson roadtrips for boys, so a little stuck.... Not perfect then :-0

Babies under 3 months just need their mum.  Children under 3 do too.  Says woman who has not faced the option of earning, say, £3m a year v Child Benefit (if you still qualify).

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Singing something feisty in traditional costumes or bump in grind in not a lot

Trip via Norway today. 

I'll start with the Norwegian girls banned from singing despot song.  Here we have some wholesome, cherub faced teenagers, in their Bunards, their traditional dress, handy for high days and holidays.  Each slightly different style showing where you come from.  Designed to keep a Nordic wind off you and these girls get to wear them inside under bright lights (I would have passed out).

So who is the nasty agressor?  Love this, it's none other than the UN General Assembly in New York.  World peace; let's talk; love not war.  Or just another controlling nanny organisation run by people who are unlikely to have worked much in a market economy?

But the girls, aged 12 to 19, never got to realize their ambition after the organizers of the Rhythms of One World Festival took fright on hearing the choir sound-check. As conductor Anne Karin Sundal-Ask worked out some of the details for the stage show with a lighting technician, the choir shrieked out the names of infamous tyrants from Hitler and Mussolini to Quisling, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Tito, Maria Antoinette and Papa Doc.
“The mood changed quickly at that point and they wanted a list of all the names,” Sundal Ask told the newspaper

What were they going to do in the name of political correctness with the list of names?  Check they were spelt correctly and had a good wikipedia entry?  Who on earth has heard of Quisling outside of Norway unless they are a WWII history fan??!! This song was written 5 years ago so may have had so plenty of time to play the 'Shock' factor (if there is one).  They got to sing the equivalent of Hey Nonny Non instead. Fan-crikey-itus. 
The choir instead sang its folk music repertoire, but having to resort to the fallback plan left a bitter taste for the girls, the composer and the conductor.“This is freedom of speech, and the piece is about war and peace,” said Sundal Ask.
Did these girls not endure a bit of national mourning in July 2011 from the hands of one Anders Brehling Breivik?  Did they need soapcake to wash out their mouths after warbling about Marie Antoinette and vegie soapcake for any mention of Hitler?  No mention of swear words to be censor, wardrobe malfunctions or even a cheeky bit of skirt shortening a la Bucks Fizz in the Eurovision final.  Naah.

Makes you want to go and get a spray tan, go for the bouffant do and a bit more bump and grind. 'Cos now we have the Sexy singers 'worse than porn stars' says Norwegian sociologist chesnut. A bit like that possibly po faced headmistress of a posh school (no anorexia and over achieving are not problems) in the Daily Mail on about Kim K-what's-her-face.  Maybe this just a copycat crime.
Writing in newspaper Aftenposten, Heidi Helene Sveen said musicians who played on their sexuality were not only bad role models, they also did more damage to young women than the porn industry ever could.
Hate to get too real with the economics here, but there is not really a 'professionl' porn industry anymore more a false nailed amateur onedue to the amount of free stuff webcammed or not on the inter-porn-net . 

Anyhow, here is the gratitious pic of Tone Damli who looks like she has jimmie-jams on.  Well, the top half. The other half she is rolling up to use as a pillow.  Would not want her to get a crick in her neck.

 But as comments poured in to the newspaper’s website, sociologist Kjetil Rolness slammed Sveen’s views as outmoded and irrelevant.“First I wondered if this was a subtle parody of feminist slogans from the previous millennium, but then I realized it was meant to be taken seriously,” he told Aftenposten.
Rolness said Sveen was regurgitating ideas that “haven’t contributed anything new to the debate since 1982
 And ending with a nice bit of sisterhood from the meow school
Author Marta Breen said she wouldn’t go as far as Sveen in viewing pop stars as role models, but she did suggest there might be a relationship between the quality of a musician’s output and the amount of flesh she chose to display
 As long as they don't mention despots we will be fine...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Febrile Convulsions. An experienced mum speaks

I have a grimy T shirt about Febriles. It was possibly white, but seems like GH has stuck in with a coloured wash. <Typical.>

My 3 have all done this from repeated and mild (DS3, 6 times) to long and hard (DS1, 2 weeks before 5th birthday and for 40 minutes). 30 mins is enough for brain damage. He certainly is not (Can I get him off his Kindle to do laundry, aged 11?)but needed so much valium to stop fitting, the next step would have been to stop his heart.  They do. I really did think he was brain damaged as he could not talk properly for 2 days. I am not talking lightly and it was full on to deal what was handed to me.  hats off to those you who cope with something much more, every day.

My advice is dose, dose, dose as it may not be the answer if they are doing spikey temperatures which brings it on but it is better than the alternative.

And get some Calpol suppositories and know how to use them. Vaseline, wet the end, get a nurse to show you. You are not a paedophile (blokes uncomfortble with this, understand) I had some left over from DS1's spiral fracture of his femur and hospitalised for 6-8 week when we lived in Malmo, 6 weeks before my planned homebirth of DS2, life on the relative edge. They came in v useful as DS2 (a v confusing timeline) was the first to go at about a year old.

DS2 started fitting first thing in morning after his christening. His glow that day was not religious (sorry very RC Mum). I think he went a week later at 5 in the morning. Lucky to have a BF who is a Modern Matron. Her advice was to give him a suppository and I could see him twitching.

I went for it, getting the bum pills from the bathroom cupboard. They work so quickly and you can't throw them up. I could see him starting to go and then do this 'Ahh' moment, thats better and settle. I did not realised what a moving moment it was to be. I get tearful looking back. I would never have had suppositories to hand if not the trauma of DS1. I would not have done so without friend's advice that I don't think NHS direct would have managed anything so useful. (2 aspirin and a lie down or why don't you go and see your doctor? Don't get me started..)

My GP would always complain when I asked for a repeat prescription (they are about £10 for 10) and seemed to think I never gave oral calpol/nurofen which was bemusing. I think I could have supported part of a cottage hospital with my spend on them. Twitfoolery in comparison to calling out an ambulance which I always did when they fitted due to DS1 experience.   After a fitting experience in Norway, we got upgraded to a valium suppository prescription. 

Anyhow, my boys have grown out of (which they do at 5) but do refer to me if necessary.

Do also get an ear thermometer and know all your normal temperatures. The MalmoHeights lot tend to a low base temperature of 36.5 C. When they hit 37 (normal for the rest of the population).  Doc also looked at me funny when I said they had a temperature at37 degrees.  I went for nurofen first. Calpol is better at getting temperature down but i have that as a suppository so my second line of defence that I can do before I called an ambulance. (It makes sense even given my irish roots).

PS Maternal glow of pride as DS1 achieved every grade he could on his last (State) Primary report so a big 'WELL DONE' to his school, teachers etc and most importantly, himself!!! Very proud, tearful mum moment.  Particulary when I recall how awful I felt the afternoon of his Mega convulsion and he was not coming round.

Was going to post a picture of his special tea, Beef from Costco slow braised for 5 hours but it just looked like brown stuff with some carrots in.  The remains of the Pear Belle Helene looked similar, sans carrot, avec poire...


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bootleg alcohol, Madonna and the Now Show

The #makeitlessavaliable tag has faded from my Twitter.  Anyhow, 'Twas a bunch of Alcohol Control guys wanting to make licensing more strict in the UK so as to bring down alcohol consumption and make you live to 102.  Without dementia.

I had noted, previously or maybe Twitter, that increasing the price on alcohol would possibly have an impact on the illicit trade. My post grad disseration on European Economics what I got in Amsterdam was on 'Tobacco and Alcohol Taxation in the EU', hence part of my dog with bone attitude. So while my crystal ball is a tad cloudy on house price prediction or interest rates (although let's watch the Greek Economy unfold, with or without Glee) only a week after my last comment and this one comes out about illicit alcohol in the UK sold in shops up 27%, yes that is licenced shops, not Dodgy Dave down the pub or some car boot sale.  So minimum pricing won't make it more attractive to anyone looking to make some extra profit.

The UK is only slowly getting around the idea that if you tax and restrict something happens.  And I understand there is a need to restrict but I don't want to get into 13 year olds and contraception right now.

When Grumpy Husband was at University in Scandiland the Chemistry Department would check your moonshine for methanol rather than ethanol which would have been nice for the consumers or this stuff or this student at risk or going blind. 

Anyhow, love this app which is scaring me not in the least.  It just looks like 'Heat' magazine, cellulite and the official sponsor or a major UK sporting event.  Which Evil are they trying to scare you off...

They haven't touched the roots of Her Madgeness. 

Anyhow a related Scandiness and Alcohol from the Now show at 20:59, so gotta love.

See, it isn't just me and the illict stuff. ;-)

This is now compulsive listening at Wisteria Heights (Malmo in the UK HQ).  I think this 5.45 is  my kids '4 Yorkshiremen' sketch that they will recite at the back of a chemistry lab.  Senior Mastermind

Q: Complete the following sentence: Young people today..

A: Don't know they are born.

Q: Correct.  I will accept but the answer I was looking for was 'Spend all their time on their computers' What well know phrase shoud be used before making a rascist comment?

A: I'm not a rascist

Q: Correct. Which legal measure, if restored, would solve all the nation's problems immediately and overnight?

A: Bring Back Hanging

Q: Correct. What drawback would this present with certain groups of young offenders?

A: Too good for them

Q: Correct. Who is Britain's sexiest man?

A: (Quivering, sotto voce) Alan Titchmarsh

Q: Is correct.  What was the title of Edwina Currie's memoir of John Major and his dress sense?

A: 50 Shades of Grey

Q: No, you have got confused there but I understand why. When did your children buy you a mobile phone?

A: Christmas 2003

Q: Correct.  And when did you turn it on?

A: Last August. 

Q: Correct.  And what happened?

A: It reminded me to call the vet

Q: Correct and that is the end of that round.

Just loved it and kids repeat it with the Queen and the Duke of Kent in the Edwina/John roles (the confusion is great) from a previous reference. You gotta love... I do!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Some about me

The boys are 11, 9 & 7.  I went back to work (full time) after 9 years at home and some time as a trailing spouse on ex-pat trip to Sweden where the 2nd was born.

I was spurred back to dusting off my CV when Grumpy Husband (GH) got pneumonia and was off work for 6 months in the end.  He has had a couple of more bouts since and survived yet another round of redunancies at XXX since.  Me getting back to work sorted the school problem so went for the house upgrade near new comp in posh area rather than the religous etc option.  For the sprogless, private is roughly £1,000 a child a month including holidays and after tax. If I have ever had 1,000 pence left over at the end of the month it has been exciting. I am of the School that balks at throwing away food and spending money on food out.

Anyhow, my first 2 are one school year apart so once I have got started to trying to get uesd to one at Secondary the other will start.  Meanwhile the house is nice and I can avoid GH most of the time but co-parent.

Kids have got friends round now and they are having a ball on the trampoline (apart from youngest who has his second head injury today. Other sustained on end of husband's bed as they played ipad monopoly. God knows) The neighbours kids are the Home Educated kids of the Ethical Investor who lives up the road.  As an ex-earth mother, i can only take my hat off to such life style choices. I like dropping mine at school for the best day ahead.  For all...

New record spend at Costco today of £571.  Previous was £400 and only a normal amount of booze.  One tray of Stella, 6 box of Cava and some vodka.

Had to take GH to hospital on Friday with possible pneumonia but appears OK, only there a few hours.

The things these guys will do to get out of their Laundry Week and unloading a Costco shop.  My Mum is 80 and still working as a nurse at a old people's home (no irony) in part due to my dad's gambling problem.  Booze does not seem to bad.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nobody puts a (Bristol Mother Sucker) baby in the corner

Ahh there was a  protest about being able to feed a baby as you should, where you should.  Thanks Tigerlilly Quinn for the heads in. What beautiful graphics and pictures on your page.

This was a story about a mother feeding her baby, and not using a bottle, asked to sit in the corner.  As it happend to be a cafe just over from the Occupy Bristol site and just around from the Council House and a well connected Mum. The result was a B- feed in and police horses deployed.

I did think the cafe owners' written response was well crafted and Tigerlilly acknowledged that well. 

I was lucky to be in Sweden which has v  high levels of breastfeeding (90% of 6 months, I believe) so not an issue there when I had given birth to my second  boy,t en years ago. Also when you are on your second you need to deal with your first and the other can just join in.  I walked down Malmo highstreet when second was three days old and in a crossways sling, nursing, pushing the double buggy (a great 3 wheeler from Mothercare, the technology has so moved on). I felt relaxed rather than empowered.

My point: I was surprised it is still an issue about feeding in public but, then again, not.  Who wants to drink a latte in the ladies' toilets...

Well done girls!!!! And babies :-)

Plus Tigerlilly you sound knackered.  I had kids that never seemed to sleep likes others did. 

My eldest was lucky as I did the homepathic teething crystals, polically correct stuff.  Then I got a tooth infection and found if we both had some bonjela (intially it was calgel, after 3 days I did not care) and the correct dosage of nurofen, 30 minutes later we were both enjoying each others company.  You can alternate nurofen and calpol and it does help. 

My three boys have been at a chess match today, so it has not impaired their development.

And they were also nursed after I had drunk wine...

;-) Take care girls!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Breast milk not the same without alcohol

I had seen something in the Metro about a 'Lactation Vote' or something and was thinking that an former Earth Mother should have a view or such things.  

Instead I found the University of Bath quiz on mimimum pricing and had a very sensible time submitting my views.  Glad to see Dick P had also had some fun with the thing. It was too early then for a glass or anything.

After all those tedious questionaires at the doctors etc when you just state 14 units is all you ever consume, it was nice to consider how much one could consume with an open budget.  In which case it could be lovely to consume more if they made it more expensive.

With this in mind I rather enjoyed some 'Want Cake But Can't Work Out The Recipe' stuff from NZ.

First a poll to raise the minimum drinking age from 18 to 20 to reduce young adults drinking.  You can bet your little cotton sockies that a whole load of sensible people over the age of 25 were all for this one.  'Something must be done' The poll is for a higher age to buy drink from an offie than at a pub.  Poor politician that votes for keeping it 18 for both.  They will look so louche.

The idea is they will go out to drink and be kept on the straight and narrow.  And won't ever preload (drinking a bottle of wine while putting your make up on and dancing).

Then (8 minutes later) this one on minimum pricing which won't work

"Prime Minister John Key says he is not convinced a minimum price for alcohol would work because it could force people to drink poorer quality liquor, instead of drinking less."

Well, if you live in a country that exports fine quality wines then you might like to make sure the locals quaff the stuff rather than something else...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Obscure wonderful writer. Elizabeth Taylor

One of my early boyfriends (ie before 25, can't remember if I mean age or notches) had only been allowed to listen to Radio 4 if home ill. I have made note. He was a scientist but had a great ability to link things in. I cannot prove cause and affect but I lived abroad before the internet and iplayer. And didn't have a TV let alone a laptop.   I was able to get LW Radio 4 and it was a life line, as it was when I was a stay at home Mum.  Thinking women's crumpet and all that.

There were the times with LW when boo, sucks when cricket was on which could overide the News Quiz and the Archers for hours.  Then days.  Must have had to amuse myself with cats' cradle.

Anyhow, loved the quality moment when I heard the Book Programme on an author called Elizabeth Taylor.  No, not that actress etc. An exquiste writer. Nice to hear a bloke liking her.  She writes about manners and tightly observed emotion, published works, 1945-1968ish.  They describe her in the programme as 'Not chick lit'.  I read her work when anything with a Virago green jacket and arty picture or an orange falling apart Penguin fiction were my breath of fresh air and where I wanted to think.  I was living in Northern Europe when I read a 'Game of Hide and Seek'. I have cried at many things but only a couple of books.  This was the first one: I wanted to have written it but couldn't; the characters' plight was something I wanted to explain to the rest of the world.

That happened not to be that interested. 

I have only a hazy memory of it now, so anyone who has read it recently can tell me how wrong I am.  However the reference in Wiki to Elizabeth Bowen, a more tricky writer towards the end, ties things together for me, when I felt noone else knew this stuff.

Comparisons are made to Jane Austen.  Book Programme says she is not a feminist, I disagree for Elizabeth Taylor from when I read her I wanted to relate to passion, feelings, complexity and making ones' own way. 

I like to think she would have always worn lipstick before she went out.

And if that makes me a non feminist, I am making sure the lipstick hue suits me.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Have you ever lived anywhere where they made it less available

This lot here, Balance NorthEast, have just had a conference on alcohol (don't worry, any taxpayers have probably funded it, heads up to the Institute of Economic Affairs report) as they all enjoy a worthy cup of tea afterwards like this chap. 

They want to make alcohol 'less available' and Tweet on it.  They bemoan the amount of sales through supermarkets.  2/3s of sales apparently.

Well, that's great.

Funnily enough in Malmo, Sweden, 0% of alcohol sales go through supermarkets.  Unless you count low alcohol beer as alcohol.  Plus the jar of figs in cognac I bought once, then never opened.  Must try them on the kids to see if any effect :-). 

Oh bl**dy hell, those figs work.

Should you be a full time alcoholic with independent means, Sweden is the place for you.  You can buy wine, beer and firewater (brannvin) from the State Monopoly (Systembolaget) any time between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm on a week day.  But not the supermarket.

Around the year 2000, the system (due to EU bullying, I believe) went and allowed Saturday mornings, 10.00am to 1.00pm to be included in the heady mix.

Also no price promotion or online supermarkets sales.

So guys, there are plenty of ways to make it less available.  Make the most of your opportunity to sign up for 'Sam' (I may vomit.  However not to overdue alcohol consumption.  On this occasion)