Sunday, 29 April 2012

You have got to start somewhere

Hi, I am Malmomum and this is my first blog so I am little nervous.  If I had been clever enough to spot a trend I would have done this ten years' ago.  I am finally seizing the day now, wish me luck!!

When we moved to Malmo, Sweden in 2001 I started posting as MalmoMum on Mumsnet but gave it up on our return to the UK as I 'wanted to spend more time making real friends'.  This on-line reaching out thingy is just a fad. 

When we moved over I had one Dear Son (DS1 in Mumsnet speak) who was a baby.  I then got pregnant again and had a rather straightforward homebirth with him (DS2) in August 2002.  We subsequently moved back to the UK and I went on to have another son (DS3) in January 2005, also a straighforward homebirth.  DS1 was born in hospital.

I did trot out the homebirth stories a few times.  OK, quite a few times but I did manage to move onto other subjects and interests before anyone stabbed me to make me stop.  So I was a little gobsmacked when I read an article similar to this from a Sunday newspaper as I lay in a bath on the Friday of possibly not the same week.  Yep, I'm a mum:

Despite all of this, Mumsnet’s philosophy is simple: to make parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, experience and support and what makes Carrie most proud of Mumsnet are the everyday acts of kindness and generosity of spirit, amongst Mumsnet community:
1. First live birth May 2002
Members flooded onto Talk to advise one of our users, MalmoMum, who was planning a home birth but was worried that her midwife (an hour away by car) might not make it in time. Soon afterwards MalmoDad was online – the contractions were coming every few minutes. Moments later, a proud MalmoDad was back - the midwife had not yet arrived but the baby had.
I think I sent off an excited email to mumsnet, promised to post and, funnily enough, did nothing.  There were quite a few not pleasant things going on and they probably did benefit from a lack of on-line oxygen.  But who's too know...

I might even toddle over to Mumsnet sometime soon(ish) and share my wisdom ramblings.  No doubt it's what have been waiting for all these years.  Lol.

Anyhow, pleased to be here.  The wallpaper is a view of the Turning Torso in the Västra hamnen, Malmo. It was being built when we were there.

Toodle Pip

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