Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloomberg formula stick and no carrot for the breast

The current Mayor of New York is still called Bloomsberg.  Possibly trying to build on that wave of popularity that the Zero Tolerance to crime that the Italian Mayor had, Bloomberg is rolling out Zero Tolerance full stop.

It's amazing what a Trust Fund can inspire you to do, it's the same Bloomberg as the news agency.  New York vote him back in but I would not say anything cynical about funding and American politics.  Beyond me.

He wants to discourage breastfeeding so is coming in with a Zero Tolerance thing on that.  Think stick and no carrot.

Having lived in a country that has turned around its breastfeeding rates since the Second World War.  Having breastfed my oldest for 2 years.  Plus  did some Argh if you are not used to it Tandem feeding . And only known my second was alive after his home birth  by watching him latch on, oh so naturally, as he came out rather puce and there was no midwife in the room.   Any blokes without a beard have switched sites by now... Having done stuff then I have a pretty well informed view.

Bloomberg is dictating what women with newborns babies should do.

He is not banning formula just making it more darn awkward to get hold of.

Is he doing anything to encourage women to breastfeed? Christ No.

Sweden has breastfeeding rates of over 90% for 6 months.  Exclusively.  The UK struggles to hit 60%. 

In Sweden, you are not allowed to leave the patient hotel unless your feeding is established by Day 3. And they help you.  If you happened to be not be able to join in, despite lots of support: You can still buy formula at the 7/11 etc.  The fact that the array of brands on choice was limited, would indicate to me that there was not much of a market.

First time Mums are jumpy enough.  Could you not support them to be good Mums?

Or just let them be...

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