Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Singing something feisty in traditional costumes or bump in grind in not a lot

Trip via Norway today. 

I'll start with the Norwegian girls banned from singing despot song.  Here we have some wholesome, cherub faced teenagers, in their Bunards, their traditional dress, handy for high days and holidays.  Each slightly different style showing where you come from.  Designed to keep a Nordic wind off you and these girls get to wear them inside under bright lights (I would have passed out).

So who is the nasty agressor?  Love this, it's none other than the UN General Assembly in New York.  World peace; let's talk; love not war.  Or just another controlling nanny organisation run by people who are unlikely to have worked much in a market economy?

But the girls, aged 12 to 19, never got to realize their ambition after the organizers of the Rhythms of One World Festival took fright on hearing the choir sound-check. As conductor Anne Karin Sundal-Ask worked out some of the details for the stage show with a lighting technician, the choir shrieked out the names of infamous tyrants from Hitler and Mussolini to Quisling, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Tito, Maria Antoinette and Papa Doc.
“The mood changed quickly at that point and they wanted a list of all the names,” Sundal Ask told the newspaper

What were they going to do in the name of political correctness with the list of names?  Check they were spelt correctly and had a good wikipedia entry?  Who on earth has heard of Quisling outside of Norway unless they are a WWII history fan??!! This song was written 5 years ago so may have had so plenty of time to play the 'Shock' factor (if there is one).  They got to sing the equivalent of Hey Nonny Non instead. Fan-crikey-itus. 
The choir instead sang its folk music repertoire, but having to resort to the fallback plan left a bitter taste for the girls, the composer and the conductor.“This is freedom of speech, and the piece is about war and peace,” said Sundal Ask.
Did these girls not endure a bit of national mourning in July 2011 from the hands of one Anders Brehling Breivik?  Did they need soapcake to wash out their mouths after warbling about Marie Antoinette and vegie soapcake for any mention of Hitler?  No mention of swear words to be censor, wardrobe malfunctions or even a cheeky bit of skirt shortening a la Bucks Fizz in the Eurovision final.  Naah.

Makes you want to go and get a spray tan, go for the bouffant do and a bit more bump and grind. 'Cos now we have the Sexy singers 'worse than porn stars' says Norwegian sociologist chesnut. A bit like that possibly po faced headmistress of a posh school (no anorexia and over achieving are not problems) in the Daily Mail on about Kim K-what's-her-face.  Maybe this just a copycat crime.
Writing in newspaper Aftenposten, Heidi Helene Sveen said musicians who played on their sexuality were not only bad role models, they also did more damage to young women than the porn industry ever could.
Hate to get too real with the economics here, but there is not really a 'professionl' porn industry anymore more a false nailed amateur onedue to the amount of free stuff webcammed or not on the inter-porn-net . 

Anyhow, here is the gratitious pic of Tone Damli who looks like she has jimmie-jams on.  Well, the top half. The other half she is rolling up to use as a pillow.  Would not want her to get a crick in her neck.

 But as comments poured in to the newspaper’s website, sociologist Kjetil Rolness slammed Sveen’s views as outmoded and irrelevant.“First I wondered if this was a subtle parody of feminist slogans from the previous millennium, but then I realized it was meant to be taken seriously,” he told Aftenposten.
Rolness said Sveen was regurgitating ideas that “haven’t contributed anything new to the debate since 1982
 And ending with a nice bit of sisterhood from the meow school
Author Marta Breen said she wouldn’t go as far as Sveen in viewing pop stars as role models, but she did suggest there might be a relationship between the quality of a musician’s output and the amount of flesh she chose to display
 As long as they don't mention despots we will be fine...

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