Saturday, 14 July 2012

Some about me

The boys are 11, 9 & 7.  I went back to work (full time) after 9 years at home and some time as a trailing spouse on ex-pat trip to Sweden where the 2nd was born.

I was spurred back to dusting off my CV when Grumpy Husband (GH) got pneumonia and was off work for 6 months in the end.  He has had a couple of more bouts since and survived yet another round of redunancies at XXX since.  Me getting back to work sorted the school problem so went for the house upgrade near new comp in posh area rather than the religous etc option.  For the sprogless, private is roughly £1,000 a child a month including holidays and after tax. If I have ever had 1,000 pence left over at the end of the month it has been exciting. I am of the School that balks at throwing away food and spending money on food out.

Anyhow, my first 2 are one school year apart so once I have got started to trying to get uesd to one at Secondary the other will start.  Meanwhile the house is nice and I can avoid GH most of the time but co-parent.

Kids have got friends round now and they are having a ball on the trampoline (apart from youngest who has his second head injury today. Other sustained on end of husband's bed as they played ipad monopoly. God knows) The neighbours kids are the Home Educated kids of the Ethical Investor who lives up the road.  As an ex-earth mother, i can only take my hat off to such life style choices. I like dropping mine at school for the best day ahead.  For all...

New record spend at Costco today of £571.  Previous was £400 and only a normal amount of booze.  One tray of Stella, 6 box of Cava and some vodka.

Had to take GH to hospital on Friday with possible pneumonia but appears OK, only there a few hours.

The things these guys will do to get out of their Laundry Week and unloading a Costco shop.  My Mum is 80 and still working as a nurse at a old people's home (no irony) in part due to my dad's gambling problem.  Booze does not seem to bad.


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