Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bootleg alcohol, Madonna and the Now Show

The #makeitlessavaliable tag has faded from my Twitter.  Anyhow, 'Twas a bunch of Alcohol Control guys wanting to make licensing more strict in the UK so as to bring down alcohol consumption and make you live to 102.  Without dementia.

I had noted, previously or maybe Twitter, that increasing the price on alcohol would possibly have an impact on the illicit trade. My post grad disseration on European Economics what I got in Amsterdam was on 'Tobacco and Alcohol Taxation in the EU', hence part of my dog with bone attitude. So while my crystal ball is a tad cloudy on house price prediction or interest rates (although let's watch the Greek Economy unfold, with or without Glee) only a week after my last comment and this one comes out about illicit alcohol in the UK sold in shops up 27%, yes that is licenced shops, not Dodgy Dave down the pub or some car boot sale.  So minimum pricing won't make it more attractive to anyone looking to make some extra profit.

The UK is only slowly getting around the idea that if you tax and restrict something happens.  And I understand there is a need to restrict but I don't want to get into 13 year olds and contraception right now.

When Grumpy Husband was at University in Scandiland the Chemistry Department would check your moonshine for methanol rather than ethanol which would have been nice for the consumers or this stuff or this student at risk or going blind. 

Anyhow, love this app which is scaring me not in the least.  It just looks like 'Heat' magazine, cellulite and the official sponsor or a major UK sporting event.  Which Evil are they trying to scare you off...

They haven't touched the roots of Her Madgeness. 

Anyhow a related Scandiness and Alcohol from the Now show at 20:59, so gotta love.

See, it isn't just me and the illict stuff. ;-)

This is now compulsive listening at Wisteria Heights (Malmo in the UK HQ).  I think this 5.45 is  my kids '4 Yorkshiremen' sketch that they will recite at the back of a chemistry lab.  Senior Mastermind

Q: Complete the following sentence: Young people today..

A: Don't know they are born.

Q: Correct.  I will accept but the answer I was looking for was 'Spend all their time on their computers' What well know phrase shoud be used before making a rascist comment?

A: I'm not a rascist

Q: Correct. Which legal measure, if restored, would solve all the nation's problems immediately and overnight?

A: Bring Back Hanging

Q: Correct. What drawback would this present with certain groups of young offenders?

A: Too good for them

Q: Correct. Who is Britain's sexiest man?

A: (Quivering, sotto voce) Alan Titchmarsh

Q: Is correct.  What was the title of Edwina Currie's memoir of John Major and his dress sense?

A: 50 Shades of Grey

Q: No, you have got confused there but I understand why. When did your children buy you a mobile phone?

A: Christmas 2003

Q: Correct.  And when did you turn it on?

A: Last August. 

Q: Correct.  And what happened?

A: It reminded me to call the vet

Q: Correct and that is the end of that round.

Just loved it and kids repeat it with the Queen and the Duke of Kent in the Edwina/John roles (the confusion is great) from a previous reference. You gotta love... I do!!!

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