Friday, 6 July 2012

Breast milk not the same without alcohol

I had seen something in the Metro about a 'Lactation Vote' or something and was thinking that an former Earth Mother should have a view or such things.  

Instead I found the University of Bath quiz on mimimum pricing and had a very sensible time submitting my views.  Glad to see Dick P had also had some fun with the thing. It was too early then for a glass or anything.

After all those tedious questionaires at the doctors etc when you just state 14 units is all you ever consume, it was nice to consider how much one could consume with an open budget.  In which case it could be lovely to consume more if they made it more expensive.

With this in mind I rather enjoyed some 'Want Cake But Can't Work Out The Recipe' stuff from NZ.

First a poll to raise the minimum drinking age from 18 to 20 to reduce young adults drinking.  You can bet your little cotton sockies that a whole load of sensible people over the age of 25 were all for this one.  'Something must be done' The poll is for a higher age to buy drink from an offie than at a pub.  Poor politician that votes for keeping it 18 for both.  They will look so louche.

The idea is they will go out to drink and be kept on the straight and narrow.  And won't ever preload (drinking a bottle of wine while putting your make up on and dancing).

Then (8 minutes later) this one on minimum pricing which won't work

"Prime Minister John Key says he is not convinced a minimum price for alcohol would work because it could force people to drink poorer quality liquor, instead of drinking less."

Well, if you live in a country that exports fine quality wines then you might like to make sure the locals quaff the stuff rather than something else...

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