Monday, 16 July 2012

Febrile Convulsions. An experienced mum speaks

I have a grimy T shirt about Febriles. It was possibly white, but seems like GH has stuck in with a coloured wash. <Typical.>

My 3 have all done this from repeated and mild (DS3, 6 times) to long and hard (DS1, 2 weeks before 5th birthday and for 40 minutes). 30 mins is enough for brain damage. He certainly is not (Can I get him off his Kindle to do laundry, aged 11?)but needed so much valium to stop fitting, the next step would have been to stop his heart.  They do. I really did think he was brain damaged as he could not talk properly for 2 days. I am not talking lightly and it was full on to deal what was handed to me.  hats off to those you who cope with something much more, every day.

My advice is dose, dose, dose as it may not be the answer if they are doing spikey temperatures which brings it on but it is better than the alternative.

And get some Calpol suppositories and know how to use them. Vaseline, wet the end, get a nurse to show you. You are not a paedophile (blokes uncomfortble with this, understand) I had some left over from DS1's spiral fracture of his femur and hospitalised for 6-8 week when we lived in Malmo, 6 weeks before my planned homebirth of DS2, life on the relative edge. They came in v useful as DS2 (a v confusing timeline) was the first to go at about a year old.

DS2 started fitting first thing in morning after his christening. His glow that day was not religious (sorry very RC Mum). I think he went a week later at 5 in the morning. Lucky to have a BF who is a Modern Matron. Her advice was to give him a suppository and I could see him twitching.

I went for it, getting the bum pills from the bathroom cupboard. They work so quickly and you can't throw them up. I could see him starting to go and then do this 'Ahh' moment, thats better and settle. I did not realised what a moving moment it was to be. I get tearful looking back. I would never have had suppositories to hand if not the trauma of DS1. I would not have done so without friend's advice that I don't think NHS direct would have managed anything so useful. (2 aspirin and a lie down or why don't you go and see your doctor? Don't get me started..)

My GP would always complain when I asked for a repeat prescription (they are about £10 for 10) and seemed to think I never gave oral calpol/nurofen which was bemusing. I think I could have supported part of a cottage hospital with my spend on them. Twitfoolery in comparison to calling out an ambulance which I always did when they fitted due to DS1 experience.   After a fitting experience in Norway, we got upgraded to a valium suppository prescription. 

Anyhow, my boys have grown out of (which they do at 5) but do refer to me if necessary.

Do also get an ear thermometer and know all your normal temperatures. The MalmoHeights lot tend to a low base temperature of 36.5 C. When they hit 37 (normal for the rest of the population).  Doc also looked at me funny when I said they had a temperature at37 degrees.  I went for nurofen first. Calpol is better at getting temperature down but i have that as a suppository so my second line of defence that I can do before I called an ambulance. (It makes sense even given my irish roots).

PS Maternal glow of pride as DS1 achieved every grade he could on his last (State) Primary report so a big 'WELL DONE' to his school, teachers etc and most importantly, himself!!! Very proud, tearful mum moment.  Particulary when I recall how awful I felt the afternoon of his Mega convulsion and he was not coming round.

Was going to post a picture of his special tea, Beef from Costco slow braised for 5 hours but it just looked like brown stuff with some carrots in.  The remains of the Pear Belle Helene looked similar, sans carrot, avec poire...


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