Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nobody puts a (Bristol Mother Sucker) baby in the corner

Ahh there was a  protest about being able to feed a baby as you should, where you should.  Thanks Tigerlilly Quinn for the heads in. What beautiful graphics and pictures on your page.

This was a story about a mother feeding her baby, and not using a bottle, asked to sit in the corner.  As it happend to be a cafe just over from the Occupy Bristol site and just around from the Council House and a well connected Mum. The result was a B- feed in and police horses deployed.

I did think the cafe owners' written response was well crafted and Tigerlilly acknowledged that well. 

I was lucky to be in Sweden which has v  high levels of breastfeeding (90% of 6 months, I believe) so not an issue there when I had given birth to my second  boy,t en years ago. Also when you are on your second you need to deal with your first and the other can just join in.  I walked down Malmo highstreet when second was three days old and in a crossways sling, nursing, pushing the double buggy (a great 3 wheeler from Mothercare, the technology has so moved on). I felt relaxed rather than empowered.

My point: I was surprised it is still an issue about feeding in public but, then again, not.  Who wants to drink a latte in the ladies' toilets...

Well done girls!!!! And babies :-)

Plus Tigerlilly you sound knackered.  I had kids that never seemed to sleep likes others did. 

My eldest was lucky as I did the homepathic teething crystals, polically correct stuff.  Then I got a tooth infection and found if we both had some bonjela (intially it was calgel, after 3 days I did not care) and the correct dosage of nurofen, 30 minutes later we were both enjoying each others company.  You can alternate nurofen and calpol and it does help. 

My three boys have been at a chess match today, so it has not impaired their development.

And they were also nursed after I had drunk wine...

;-) Take care girls!!

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